Thursday, May 15, 2008

Learn from 9/11...(Conclusion)

September 11, 2001 was the most horrific and devastating incident I have ever experienced in my life. It had affected every human being in America some how and some way. Many people lost their lives in that day. They never would have thought about what is coming in their way the day before 9/11. A lot of people died leaving their family alone. They were all innocent. I know The United States took control of Afghanistan for oil, agricultural goods etc. But my question is why would they kill these innocent people who had nothing to do with this?? Why would they kill a innocent child`s father who had nothing to this?? The terrorists could have taken their revenge some other way instead of killing all this innocent people. I think it is also time for the government and president administration to stop the wars and stay at peace. I think this wars, racism, discrimination would make the younger generations who are growing up even more worst than us. I think it is time for our government to think about all of that and try to fix it instead of spending millions of dollars in wars. I know that 9/11 can never be forgotten. But we can learn from it so that we would never fall into something similar ever again. If we do than we would know how to handle and deal with it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

US Troops

President Bush declared war against Afghanistan right after September 11. The title of this war was “ War on Terror”. Millions of American troops went to fight this war. A lot of them got killed by cross fires. A lot of Afghanistan innocent civilians also got killed because of this horrific war. Based on an Article, It was heard on January 9th, 2008 that there were 26,000 Us troops are currently in Afghanistan and that they were sending another 3,000 troops for back up. Iraq war was even worse. The Us confirmed that 4077 were reported deaths and 4076 were confirmed death. A lot of soldiers died leaving their families. They left back their young kids, parents, wife and went to fight for their country. Most of them never looked back. There were also many injuries. Armies had their legs blown off, injured their soldiers, got shot etc. Based on an Article, A 40 year old veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan war lost his eye sight during the war. There is always a very possible chance of eye and brain injuries due to road side bombs, mortars, grenades which were most commonly used against The Us Troops.


After September 11, politics became very crude and desperate. The politicians became very aggressive and said they would do anything to prevent the country from danger. They decided to spend as much money as they need to prevent United States from terrorism. For example, On September 11 George W. Bush told the people “ Either you are with us or you are with the terrorist.” Basically he meant that he would do whatever it takes to response to 9/11, which he did. He spend millions of dollars on Afghanistan and Iraq war. The United States has moved into a new terrain after 9/11. A lot of people were against Iraq war but still Bush Administration did not listen to anybody and send millions of troops to Iraq. After 9/11 the voters sort of changed their opinions. They wanted to go back to Bill Clinton Era. The American people trust The Democrats to deal with issues like environment, health care, Social security, and opportunity for all. They trust the Republicans to make the toughest decisions. The want them to govern issues such as national security, defense and also fighting terrorism.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Travelling by Air

Flying after 9/11 attacks became very hard for people. They feared something bad might happen to them too. Before, people did not really think about the consequences that might happen to them when they travelled with a plane. But now 9/11 sort of put fear in people`s mind from all over the world. As stated in an article, Many business men and women also feel a little scared and uncomfortable flying after the terrorist attack in 9/11.
A lot of them decided to quit their jobs because of flying. Flying on a plane became a nightmare to people nowadays. Some people think they won’t return back home safe if they get on the plane. The Airline Business also slowed down. There were not a lot of people boarding on planes. A lot of Airline Companies were going to bankcruptcy because there were not enough sale of tickets. The fuel price also went up. The airlines also tried to secure the aircrafts even better than before. They made the cockpit door more heavier and made it not easy for the terrorists to get in and take control of the plane. But still the people could not trust it. American and United Airlines were the two Airlines who suffered most from it. These two airlines were the ones hijacked on 9/11. That is the main reason why some people cannot trust those companies anymore and stopped taking them.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lower Manhattan after 9/11

After 9/11 the lower Manhattan was completely finished. The side was corrupted. It was a nightmare for the fire fighters. A lot of fire fighters lost their lives. The 9/11 families were only allowed to visit the entire site. But the citizens were not allowed to enter the site. A few weeks later a group of highly organized business men called for the re-creation of lower Manhattan to the public authority who would be responsible for the reconstruction of lower Manhattan. Many industries and rich men took part in rebuilding the site. The site was full of dusts, concretes, mud etc. It also had a very bad smell. But now their plan to rebuild the World Trade Center is becoming clearer day by day. By 2010 the project of rebuilding the World Trade Center should be complete. The New tower will be named “Freedom Tower”.


Crimes based on Religion, Race has rapidly increased after the September 11 attacks. The Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) reported that the crimes on race has increased most in 2003 over 2002. It mostly affected people from Middle East and also Southeast Asia. These people complained of rising violence and discrimination against them. After 9/11 people from Middle East in New York City were very scared and got discriminated a lot. They were not accepted jobs they applied. They were also mentally abused by people from other race. They were teased and were called terrorists. The kids in School were also mentally abused by their friends. Based on an article it is also found that people from other states are afraid to come to New York City. They think people will discriminate them and call them Arab or Pakistani. Airport became a big issue after 9/11. Security check became very high. The securities check all your bags, belongings etc. The most racist thing is that when they see that there is Arab passengers on board they start checking more. They make them go through a special check from everybody. I think it is not fair at all. They cannot check them separately. I think should check them all together.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Attack in Britain

America`s war partner Britain who backed and helped the Americans in war with Afghanistan. What they got in return was a terrorist attack in their own country. On July 8, 2005 50 people were killed in London as a result of a bus and a underground train bombings. The investigation for the group of people who did it went underway immediately. The FBI predicted that these bombings were very much related to the attacks occurred in 9/11. After observing hours of telivision footage, tons of wreckage was sorted for clues and the experts were trying to analyze and find information from tiny traces of explosives. There were also a lot of riders stuck under ground for hours. Some of those who got arrested in connection with London and Glasgow are Indian muslims. These arrests fears innocent Indian muslims. As a result of this, they very well know that they will be facing difficulty finding jobs overseas. I think the Al-Qaeda wanted to send a British a message not to back The Americans again. I think they tried to show the British that they can do the same thing to them like they did to the Americans.,1518,364252,00.html


War on Terror...

A month a after The terrorist attack in the US, A war was launched by the United States and the United Kingdom in response to September 11. This was also known as the “Fight Back” war. It was the beginning of George Bush administration`s war on terrorism. The main theme of this war was to catch Osama Bin Laden. It was said that Laden was the main person who planned the entire evil that happened in 9/11. Bin Laden`s trained group was called the Al-Qaeda. It was found that the hijackers of the planes that crashed in 9/11 were trained by the Al-Qaeda. The US and UK used a lot of dangerous weapons and bombs against Afghanistan. They killed a lot of Afghanistan people. A lot of American troops also died because of injuries. Some died because of diseases and heat. After fighting for months they captured Afghanistan but couldn`t find Laden. The Americans took control from the Taliban. The U.S also made their own air base in Afghanistan. But it was found a couple months later that The United States had planned the war on terror long before September 11. They wanted to go war with Afghanistan mostly like in July but because of the harsh weather in Afghanistan they didn`t. They were waiting for their right chance. The Americans seized control of oil rich territory in Central Asia. I think they went to Afghanistan to fight the terrors and to capture their oil. But the American media tried to cover up the real economic and strategic interest that underlie the war against Afghanistan by saying that the war took place overnight to get revenge from the Al-Qaeda of what they have done in September 11, 2001.



The immigration became very strict after the September 11, 2001. It became very hard for muslims to become an American citizen. The suspicion instantly changed for the Arab and muslim communities in the United States. The immigration always paid a sharp attention to muslim people especially when they were traveling. The laws for the immigration also got very strict. The harsh law enforcement reaction 9/11 overwhelmed muslims and especially Arab communities. People from immigration started going to people`s houses especially muslims to check if they are legal to live in this country or not.
The also deported some illegal muslims back to their country right after 9/11. The police tortured and locked muslims if they found a little information. They locked them up without any proves. The Latin Americans immigrants also got affected at the same time. Most of them were Mexicans. The United States also secured the American and Mexican border. They feared that the terrorists will have a great chance in entering America through the Mexican border. The muslim charities were also targeted by the FBI. A number of them were closed down. The labor migration to America was reduced for a while. Student visa, labor migration visa was very hard to achieve. It was for very hard for muslim people to travel.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Effects on the Economy

Right after the terrorist attack the whole United States sort of paused out from everything they were doing. People were so shocked that they stopped doing whatever they do best. Right after 9/11 the government started to spent most of their money prior to the terrorist attacks. The government also began to use a lot of money in sending the U.S troops to Afghanistan. For the first couple months the economy dropped continuously. It is estimated in a report to congress that 130,000 people lost their jobs due to attack. The terror attack had a short-term effect on our economy. The government made Credit much more easier with a cheap interest rate as possible. So that the people who were not employed and people who suffered from the attacks can borrow money from the bank. The interest rate were also cut by .5% at that time because the government wanted people to recover as soon as possible from the crisis. The four main ways how the economy was harmed by the attacks are there was a decrease in the capital stock which is the money. The investors were not investing money like they did before. They were uncertain if they will profit from them or not. The industries also suffered a lot from the economy. Industries were also effected since people were not buying or selling products.

The effects on people after 9/11

September 11 gave the Americans a great shock. A lot of people lost their family members. Some lost their family, relatives in the twin towers, some were the passenger who were on board on the planes. Most of the people are pissed off about the attacks and some of them are still in fear thinking it might happen again. A huge number of people are still facing mental health effects still today. After a long research I can see that people are reexamining their priorities in life. They are trying very hard to forget about the past and move on with their everyday life by blessing the heroes who in September 11. But they hope nothing like that ever happens again in this world. the American Psychological Association finds that people living in New York who have experienced the 9/11 attacks are showing mental health problems more than others. More than 24 percent are still depressed from what happened in 9/11. More than three-quarters of Americans which is 77 percent said that they are trying take easy their life and move on with their life. But the Muslim families had faced some other kind of problem. They were investigated here and there. Especially the Arabs, they were always suspected by everybody in anything they did. The immigration was also at the back of them. People in America started to call the “ The Bad guys”. the local police were looking for clues and were under pressure to fight terrorism. The arrested any Arabs if they found any small clues. The Arab families were under stress. Arab-Americans reported an increasing sense of victimization, suspicion of government and law enforcement They concerned the government to protect their civil liberties. The media, TV interviews made The Arabs even more scared.



September 11 was probably the most horrified day in world history. It killed the spirit of the Americans by killing thousands of people inside the twin towers. Now there is only one question in people`s mind that is this over or there are more to come.?? In September 11, 2001 every body in New York were getting ready for a everyday life. No body thought that the they ever had to see or experience the most terrifying moment in their life.
Nineteen members of Al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial jet airliners. One member of each group went to some pilot training. They crashed two of the planes into the Twin Towers in New York City. The third plane in Pentagon and the fourth was supposed crash in the White House. But the passengers inside found out and fought their lives to save the plane from crashing into the White House. This flight was called flight 93. There were a couple of documentaries made about flight 93. The documentaries showed how brave the passengers were to fight the terrorists and save the plane from crashing into the White House. My blog project basically describes the effects in America after September 11, 2001. I will write about the effects that occurred after the attack. For example, Economy, Unemployment, Fear of people etc..